Inosus works tirelesssly to provide the innovative, safe and sustainable products to the design community.
Our products are tested to toughest standards in the world and it come withsustainable benefits and best performance.  Alucopanel has a state-of the Art factory with an integral coating line with annual production capacity of 2 million square meters. Many Highrise  proejcts have been installed with our A2 fire rated ACM material, images of selected projects are shown below.

Our products are robustly tested to toughest Fire Rating Standards - BS8414 in the world (UK/USA/EUROPE/MIDDLE EAST etc.)
Movenpic 5 star Hotel Dubai
Riyadh Metro
Ajaman Corni Residence Towers Dugai
Ajman Cornic Residence Tower Dubai
Danube Studios Dubai
Danube Studios Dubai