About Us

Inosus Facades, in collaboration with niche market leaders Alucopanel and Elmich, is a leader in the architectural facade market with a range of Innovative, Sustainable and Safe decorative and functional materials used to create spaces that enhance people’s lives.  

With three decades of international experience in
woven mesh and metal facades the founding partners at Inosus have a clear purpose to enhance the well-being and peace of mind of all who interface with our buildings. 

In a world of increased uncertainty and insecurity it is essential that a building should enhance feelings of personal safety, security and the wellbeing.  

For investors the materials used in their buildings should add value, be environmentally compatible and deliver maximum safety, long-term performance and enhanced life-cycle cost benefits. 

Our attention to detail is purposed to provide  the design community with comprehensive information and the right product to create the most suitable building for their clients.  

We work with different stake holders in design and the construction industry to provide the safest, optimum and highest quality products for facades. 

Our products are used by brand conscious companies on their iconic projects in internationally renowned cities.